• Weeks in two months

    Good Morning, I am doing a stock project where I need that the weeks that belong to two months. I don’t know what is the best way  to force BOARD, with a check in a layout or with a process or with somethi...
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  • drill down layout

    Good morning!   Is it possible to edit the whole drill down graphic layout? I can only change the colour from seperate blocks but I would like to change the whole layout colour.   Cheers, Maxi
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    Open for voting
    15 votes
    Please could I ask for support to have the Bullet Chart issues, outlined below, addressed so as to make the Bullet Chart usable in all the scenarios for which it was built?  Image 1 shows how bullet charts in BOA...
  • user session & user stored cubes to help with user experience

    Open for voting
    11 votes
    The idea is to have cube where the user is dimension managed automatically by Board and invisible to the user himself as it set on himself (@user) for everyone. The purpose is to improve user experience by remembering...
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  • Using UTF8 Symbols in DataViews (with color)

    Hi all,   Just wanted to share with you. In case you didnt know, you can use some cool UTF8 symbols in our data views (with color) in web. Just visit the following url and copy & paste the symbols.   h...
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  • Rule Definition and Management Improvements

    Open for voting
    6 votes
    Good morning Community, I'm writing you to suggest some enhancements to the RULES set up page, as dealing more and more often with big corporate projects, the maintenance and implementation could be a bit slow and ...
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  • B11 - Massive Change Cubes Dimensions

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    It would be very nice to be able to select more than one cube and to change the dimensions for all the selected cubes. Just in the same way that's done for the Data Type.
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  • ver11.1.0 change bar spacing

    Open for voting
    2 votes
    I want to change bar spacing as I like.
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  • Magnifiying Charts per clicking on them (Zoom)

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    It would be great if we had an option in Board 11 to magnify a chart by clicking on them without using forwarding to a new screen. I have attached a schematic example of my suggestion.  
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  • Preview: Reporting in the Web

    Abstract: this course you will appreciate the great potential offered by the new Web Designer. In particular, you will understand how to build and print a Web report, and how to subscribe to a Web report.  
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  • When ‘create report’ to PowerPoint, would like ability to adjust or remove margins. 

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    We have some presentations with a lot of data on each screen.  Users are attempting to export them to PowerPoint to print them, but the numbers are printing very small.  Removing margins would make the repor...
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  • Alert for wrong syntax for algorithms

    Open for voting
    18 votes
    When using algorithms in block (either for Data Flow or Data View), and you need to use a "complex" formula, it would be nice to have an alert that notify you if the syntax is wrong. An example can be, when you use a ...
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  • Geo Map in 10.5

    Hello,   I tried to create a geo map in 10.5. I have two places for my example, one is Hamburg and the other one is New York. The map on the left side shows a value with an alarm as bubble. The map on the right ...
    created by andreassauer
  • Is it 10.5.2 or 10.5.1?! whichever, it's causing issues ..

    Can you please correct your version numbering, it's a bit confusing... and I think it's causing issues with the client versions that are connecting, and that in turn is causing things in the screens to break.   ...
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  • BOARD 11 Randomizer Tool

    Open for voting
    15 votes
    WHAT WAS THE RANDOMIZER TOOL.    To those that knew of it, and before BOARD 11, the Randomizer Tool was hugely powerful, allowing test models of production offerings to be created in as little as five minut...
  • Board 11 - Personalize Design

    Hello,   I'm working on Board 11.    I have 2 questions concerning Design Capsule :  How can we import new Police ?    How can I apply effect type on an object ?  For example,...
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  • Mask changes not being applied to all screens using that mask

    Hi,   I have several screens using the same mask. When I make updates to the mask, only two screens get the updates. The other screens still have the old look. What could be the reason for this?
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  • Preview: The Web Experience

    Abstract: this course you will appreciate the great potential offered by the new Web Client. In particular, you will acquire familiarity with the new Web Client workspace, and how to best use its amazing features...
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  • YTD | MTD Cumulation

    Open for voting
    4 votes
    There should be a solution for following problem: Currently I have a workaround with a procedure that autoselects the months from January to the current month of the year and another procedure that does the same onl...
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  • How to migrate user's presentations from 10.3 to 10.5.1 ?

    Dear community, did anyone try to migrate from 10.3 to 10.5.1 with the new capsule format, and what was the impact on the user's presentations ? Does it break everything ? Or is there any workaround to maintain them ...
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