• Color customization for Corporate identity

    Is it possible to change the color of default accent colors of the line on the top which is blue for capsules, green for presentations etc of the Board 11.1 to some other colors to fit the corporate identity?  
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  • Radio Button

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    2 votes
    Hi,   would it be possible to have a native radio button object to select a member of the entity? This tip is extremely useful, but a bit too complicated to implement : Radio Button    Something sup...
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  • web:tab

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    I want to change color every tab
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  • Creating differents graphs that was selected by different selector

    Hello All,     I would like to ask  how to create two or more graphs on the same screen. Also,one graph could be selected by selector as "month" and the other could be selected by "year".E.g. If you cl...
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  • Support of right click menu to open link in new tabs

    27 votes
    The idea is for Board Web Engine to enable a feature that is usually existing with links in HTML browser and allow for links be open in new tabs using right click menu or mouse 3.   First, It's very ...
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  • Mouse Wheel for opening a new tab

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    On normal websites it is possible to click the mouse wheel on a link in order to open a new tab in the browser. It would be nice if Board 11 had the same funcationality for link-labels for example.
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  • Downtotals without grand total line

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    86 votes
    Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed do...
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  • @selection_EX with Multi database

    Hello all,   I have a screen with the option "Multi Database". In this screen I have add 2 DataViews with 2 different databases. In both data views I add a label with an "@Selection_EX" to an Entity. As sh...
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  • Save On Entry and Pasting data

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    2 votes
    Currently Board allows you to save on entry, however the feature can be prohibitive and laggy when a large amount of  data entry needs to be completed. One way to over come this is to paste your data set into Boa...
  • configure Board.Mailer.Service.exe.config

    Hello Davide Genini, I would like to comment this document: Board Mailer Service (version 3), but i don't see any comment features at the bottom at the document as i am used to see it, e.g. in How to setup Microsoft ...
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  • Admin Page Password Reset Should Unlock User Account

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    5 votes
    We are cloud users for board and the admin page has really come a long way to synchronize capsules, stop and start services, etc.  However, the login password expires way too quickly.  I would recommend chan...
  • Password reset on login screen

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    10 votes
    Might be a helpful addition to provide users a password reset option on the login screen if they forget their password. Several of our users have forgotten their passwords and it requires them to wait for an administr...
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  • BOARD Service disappearing

    I have an ongoing issue on my local machine where the BOARD service keeps disappearing, and I'm hoping someone can suggest somewhere else to look to try and fix it.   The Server is still installed, but the Servi...
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  • Preview: Reporting in the Web

    Abstract: this course you will appreciate the great potential offered by the new Web Designer. In particular, you will understand how to build and print a Web report, and how to subscribe to a Web report.  
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  • How can I get a dynamic selection in a Block Heading?

    Hello all, can anyone tell me how I get a dynamic selection in a Block Heading? I want a headline of a block where it says “sales cum. (selected year)”. I got it working in a Layout Title with “@Y...
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  • (RESOLVED) Display Images directly from URL Link?

    Hi all,   Has anyone  displayed images within an object of BOARD using a URL?  If so, how did you achieve it?   I have upto five URLs associated with each record stored on a SQL database - Image ...
  • B11: Rename procedure's groups

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    Hi,   it would be nice to have the chance to rename a procedure's group without the need of creating a new group with the right name and then moving all the actions to the new group and then to de...
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  • Is it possible for a BOARD cloud customer to use their own custom font?

    Is it possible for a BOARD cloud customer to use their own custom font (.OTF file) that is not included as a standard Windows font?  If yes, how would this be installed onto their cloud environment?
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  • Extract geographic coordinates from map chart

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    14 votes
    THE IDEA I would like to suggest that the ability to capture the latitude and longitude position of the mouse pointer be incorporated into the MAP chart object.  The pointer position is already displayed dynamic...
  • How can i map addresses to (latitude, longitude) coordinates?

    I have a dataset I would like to visualize on a map. I have addresses for each of my datapoints, but I need a way to convert those addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates for displaying on the map. Does anyo...
    Bob Gill
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