• New Object: Process Mining Graph

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    25 votes
    Hi All,   a while ago we at SDG have started to analyze business processes using system log files and different process mining tools. Since process mining has become quite a hype and many of our customers use Bo...
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  • Valuation reports 'At Costs' or 'Percentage of Completion'

    Can you create valuation reports on Work in Progress for service and/or production companies? Can both methods, At costs and Percentage of Completion be used?
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  • Drill through subtotal

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    5 votes
    I would like drill through windows to add up and provide a subtotal of the $ amounts listed in the report output.   
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    Open for voting
    23 votes
    What is your idea? It should be possible to assign a “standard” color to each entity member at a “capsule” or “environment” level. This coloring schema should be retained across al...
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  • Filter by Column

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    103 votes
    It would really be useful to be able to filter by columns the same way we can filter by criteria on the row. "Show All" works in some cases but not all.   Compounded by the fact that switch row columns is not av...
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  • B11: Rename procedure's groups

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    13 votes
    Hi,   it would be nice to have the chance to rename a procedure's group without the need of creating a new group with the right name and then moving all the actions to the new group and then to de...
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  • Alert for wrong syntax for algorithms

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    19 votes
    When using algorithms in block (either for Data Flow or Data View), and you need to use a "complex" formula, it would be nice to have an alert that notify you if the syntax is wrong. An example can be, when you use a ...
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  • Error messages in layouts more explicit than "Oops"

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    13 votes
    Hi all, Context & issue: A few months ago, we implemented a limit on reports known as "Rows Upper Limit" to prevent users from overloading the system with too big queries (usually, addind all axis of a cube to e...
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  • Pending Data Entry alert message in Web Client

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    15 votes
    When working from Web Client no question is made,so the user goes to another screen and loses all modified data. If the user enters a data entry but forgets to save it,I wants to display a warning message about savin...
  • Can we have the ability to adjust the alignment of the Header of the first Column of a report so that it can be aligned with the texts below it?

    Currently we can't change the alignment of the Header of the first column in a typical Board reports. See attached screenshot for illustration.
  • workflow

    Hi..  please answer this question.  have cube (date) which holds the last date for submission of a plan. what  I want is, I want to write a procedure and schedule it on daily basis and what that proced...
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  • board add-in excel installation file location

    Hello,   Want to download a board add-in excel installation file. How can I download? Or How can I get it?   Could you please recommend.     Thank you, Khom khomsan.Talaso@virginactive.co.th
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  • Dealing with large SQL Views in Daily Load

    Hi, looking for advice/best practice on how we can improve our daily load. Currently we have a couple of sql/datareader updates in our daily load which individually consume up to 10 minutes each. In total our daily ...
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  • Got "Cannot save capsule" error after sign in Board windows client.

    I sign in Board windows client and then got "Cannot save capsule" error message every time. Every work fine after sign in but this message still annoying.   How can I fixed this? Please advise.   Thanks,
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  • Drived values for an Entity

    Hi All, Can I write a algorithm to determine the value of an Entity. Say I want the value of an Entity1 to be based on a formula that displays the content of another Entity2 on a condition and compute the value of the...
  • Allow data entry with selection on layout

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    60 votes
    Hi Community Members,   although I am quite aware of certain "known limitations", there is one huge wish for future versions:   It is not so uncommon that layouts with data entry enabled should be restrict...
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  • Default option resize

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    8 votes
    Currently the screen resize option when opening a new screen is "fit width" as default. This however is not really valid for all models / capsules / devices. If you use any of the other options and navigate, you have...
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  • Week number?

    Hello,   Our Time Range settings for Week are  Beginning on Sunday with week that has first four days (as the first week) and with format Week NN-yyyy   Our data has a date 30 December 2019 and thi...
    created by pete
  • A "used by" feature on cube - Impact analysis

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    11 votes
    In Board, we create lots and lots of cube, some for input, some for technical purpose, some for back office operation. And from time to time, we forget even what purpose it was meant for or if it is still useful! ...
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  • Fix Relationships - Ask are you sure prompt

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    46 votes
    In future releases of BOARD can we please prompt the user if they click on the Fix Relationships button, if they are sure to run this procedure.  I have had a few situations arise where this has been clicked by m...
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