• Keep filenames within BLOB cubes

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    If a file is loaded within a BLOB cube, at the time of extraction it is renamed with a meaningless name. It would be nice not to rename the file. Especially for applications where several files are uploaded on BLOB cu...
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  • How to make 3D Chart

    Candra Aji Pamungkas Jadi PEKIK Paul Wyatt - Avison Young @ Hi All, I wonder if someone can tell me, how to make 3D chart like picture below also I got the example below from the demo files (capsule) Thank u, I...
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  • Cancel on interactive selection: how to cancel the procedure ?

    Hello everyone, I recently built a procedure for interactive selection, started by trigger on the screen, in order to force the user to restrict his/her selection before loading any data. This is because it would oth...
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  • Sample file for FC 4.0?

    Hi there,   Is there any way to get the sample file of financial consolidation 4.0 from the recorded webinar? It helps us build a simple demo for marketing purpose.   Thanks in advance for any help.  ...
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  • Relationships in BOARD 11

    Hi! Is anyone else having problems with relationships in BOARD 11?   We have started a total new project in BOARD 11 and we are not being able to determine relationships.    Trying to do it manually, ...
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  • Prevent DataView from refreshing/redraw when cell is edited

    I want to stop the DataView from refreshing/redraw every time a cell is edited since i have a Save button setup for Saving and other functions
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  • Web-Login Problems Board 10

    Hello, from one day to the other i have problems with the Board-Web Login under Firefox. After entering the link to the Server i only get a blue circle and nothing happens. With an other browser like edge it works....
    created by ulueers
  • Adding an image to the header or footer in the Web

    I am trying to add a company logo to the header in the web version of create a report for PDF. However I cannot see an option to add anything apart from @Selections to the header or the footer? is there a way to add i...
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  • Digitally Sign for Applocker

    We use AppLocker in a whitelist capacity. This means that only certain folders, publishers, etc, can run on our PCs. For obvious reasons, the Appdata folder in local user profile cannot be a folder level exception, as...
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  • How can I round an input number in the dataview

    I have a dataview in which I want sales persons to add the number of quantities that they will sell per month. For this I only want them to be able to enter whole numbers and not decimals. With the validation rule I a...
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  • Sort dataview by Decreasing Date

    Before I go to too much trouble building in a workaround I thought I'd see if anyone in the Community has found an simple way to Sort a dataview by decreasing date.   Below is the issue you get in BOARD when you...
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  • Hide single functionality of "Sliding Toolbar"

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    Business Contest The client wants to disable "Save" and "Undo" buttons and to embed these functionalities into a procedure that performs other calculation steps after the data entry saving. Example: in a screen ther...
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  • BOARD 10.5.1

    BOARD 10.5.1 Board Client version 10.5.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 10.5.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations. Capsules and Databases crea...
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  • Connecting and getting Data through REST connection

    Hello Team,   I am trying to get data from BITRIX 24 CRM into Board, however i have not worked on getting Data from another application through REST API before,   Can anyone please help by sharing scr...
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  • DataView Cubes not shown by columns

    Hi all,   I'm showing a cube by Ledger account (By Row) and by year (By Column) for some financial figures. In addition to this, I would like to add a text cube for comments based on Rows (Ledger Accounts). My...
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  • How to sort by a value for a axes combination in DataView

    As shown in the screenshot below, we have a Sales cube and Budget cube, which have the same dimensions - Item, Area, Month, UoM. We tried to calculate the Severity (i.e. bias) and present the data in a flatten da...
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  • Replicate Entity More than once

    Hello Citizens, i'd like to know if we can replicate an entity more than one time , that means that a i have already a replication and i wanna add another one for the same entity. Thank you for your help!
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  • DataView - First column to be a serial number

    What options are to set up a DataView where a first column is a serial number without using a Cube ideally
    created by chris
  • DataView - Update a column when another column is changed

    My requirement is the keep the change DateTime in a cube and this is updated when the user changes another column's value.   For example - when the user updates column "A" (Linked to Cube A), the column "B" (Lin...
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  • Time functions in data flow - BOARD 11

    Hello everyone,   Does anyone else have issues with time functions in data flows with BOARD 11?   I am using "Yearly Moving Total" (often together with a large cycle for balance sheet values) or "Yearly Cu...
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