• ADHOC Report Builder

    Open for voting
    19 votes
    The Idea.   I would like to ask for the community to vote for the idea of an adhoc report builder for the daily user.  I am aware that this idea, in various guises, has already been suggested, mos...
  • Log Management Application : any update ?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask the question to Antonio Speca during our Board 11 meeting, but this was question n°10 and I did not have time to ask all 11   The question is : a "Log Management Application",...
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  • Value Slider Object

    Open for voting
    86 votes
    Hi,   In different occasions we have been asked to report on a specific measure/KPI, or to simulate a change in its value and see the impact on other elements of the screen, through a "slider" object (see image ...
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  • Radius Around a Point On a Map - RAPOM

    Open for voting
    10 votes
    INTRODUCTION The Map object is my favourite objects in BOARD as it is simple to use, highly visual, intuitive and interactive.  With little training, users can analyse data without knowing they are doing so; an ...
  • Possibility to stop procedure without stopping service

    Open for voting
    45 votes
    I think all BOARD users would greatly appreciate a way to stop procedures without having to stop the service. Of course stopping the procedure immediately, not after the next step.   We all know the situation wh...
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  • Fix Relationships - Ask are you sure prompt

    Open for voting
    45 votes
    In future releases of BOARD can we please prompt the user if they click on the Fix Relationships button, if they are sure to run this procedure.  I have had a few situations arise where this has been clicked by m...
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  • More detailed database logging for compliance

    Open for voting
    37 votes
    As we grow every year and acquire bigger customers who have governmental or agency obligations, we are getting more questions around the accuracy and detail of the various Board logs. A couple of ideas based on custom...
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  • Time Functions & Entity Description

    Open for voting
    36 votes
    I think it would be nice if the description of the entities in row / column considered time functions of the cubes (eg offset-1 on Month, with selected month Jan.18 shows Dec.17).
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  • Are chart 'Group' lines coming back in the web

    In the Winclient (10.5.1) you can show a chart like this...2 entities by row   but in the web (10.5.1) it looks like this..      In the web it's much less readable as it no longer has the FY...
    created by bbroughton
  • To be able to place page breaks

    Open for voting
    6 votes
    Customer wants to know if we can put in enhancement to be able to manipulate where page breaks go when printing from the web.   Customer adds: We are getting pummeled by the fact that we cannot get something ou...
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  • Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

    Hi All,   I tried to open cubes view, but i got this error messange. Do you have any suggestion to fix this issue? Note: It happens after i remove a redundant relationship and entity. The entity is indirectly us...
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  • Extract geographic coordinates from map chart

    Open for voting
    13 votes
    THE IDEA I would like to suggest that the ability to capture the latitude and longitude position of the mouse pointer be incorporated into the MAP chart object.  The pointer position is already displayed dynamic...
  • Developing Gantt chart through waterfall Graph type

    Hello All,   A project management dashboard required a Gantt chart to display project timeline by Months, In absence of Gantt chart in Board we can use Waterfall type chart to replicate it.   I am using Bo...
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  • Questions about MIGRATION BOARD10.5 to BOARD11

    Hello Community, I need some advice before I upgrade. The conversion of the databases has to be done manually, at least in parts. This is described in the release notes.   Extract from the RELASE Notes   ...
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  • Merge Cubes

    Hi all,   I have two cubes with the same data in, but for different date ranges.   I'm trying to merge the two cubes together in a procedure but seem to only ever get the values from the second cube. ...
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  • B11.1 web error message "The client application is not known or is not authorized"

    Hello,   I am trying to connect to my Board Web server from a remote computer and the web page gives this error message: The client application is not known or is not authorized   note that, when using t...
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  • Security profiles

    Open for voting
    2 votes
    Hi   I would like to suggest to have a report that shows the security profiles and what databases they are linked to and filters on the different databases.
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  • How can I add an icon to my username?

    It seems users have icons in the suffix of their username when mentioned in various list screens. It looks like most are BOARD employees, but I noticed a few non-BOARD folks can do it too. Is there a way I can ad...
    Bob Gill
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  • How can i map addresses to (latitude, longitude) coordinates?

    I have a dataset I would like to visualize on a map. I have addresses for each of my datapoints, but I need a way to convert those addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates for displaying on the map. Does anyo...
    Bob Gill
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  • Pending Data Entry alert message in Web Client

    Hi all,   When working in the client, if the user inputs a Data Entry but forgots to save it, an alert message appears asking about saving the pending Data Entry:     However, when working from Web ...
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