• BOARD Procedure Launcher

    The BOARD Procedure Launcher allows a BOARD procedure to be executed from a Windows command line (CMD). The tool comes with the server installation of BOARD on all versions starting from BOARD 8 and is located in: C...
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  • Formula Editor - Layout Error

    Dear All,   I want to use Nexel in My Dataview Layout. But, After Add Block I got error message.       What is the purpose of the message in question? Is there a better way to display alert o...
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  • Export as Picture/Image

    Open for voting
    2 votes
    Provide the ability to also select 'Picture' (or PNG, JPG) when exporting from BOARD via a procedure   BOARD currently allows you to export as PDF/PPT/DOC/XLS from a procedure, and also has these option when set...
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  • 'Create Report' error...after upgrade to 10.5.1?

    Running 10.5.0 we were able to 'create report' via the web. We have since upgraded to 10.5.1 and now we get the annoying RED Error banner with the ref code, and we don't believe we've changed anything else since last ...
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  • Pinboard function

    Is there anybody who uses the Pinboard function?   I have some problems with the Pinboard by showing dataview from two different screens. Is this normal? If I ad a second dataview to the Pinboard which I took fr...
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  • ODBC SQL to multiple database

    Hello   I have an ODBC SQL that have to access to different databases on the same server While creating the  ODBC I can choose a default database. So, as far as I can understand, I cannot connect to more ...
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  • There is a cube of 3D how to find minimum value of cube and flow to 2D

    Please Provide Some solution to find minimum value for the above problem statement
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  • cloud - upload file

    Hi, I noticed in the cloud there is an icon in the right top corner of a cloud, if you select it you get the option upload file and file-group. How does this upload file work? If I select it I am getting a blank scr...
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  • Howto: Embed a report on other sites

    Starting from Board 10.1, Board web reports can be embedded directly in other webpages, such as enterprise portal,  customer portal, intranet portal or other public websites. When you embed a report, it will...
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  • showMenu=false not possible in Board 11.1?

    Hi all   Since Board 11.1 it isn't possible to set "showMenu=false" to hide a menu for a screen. When i've tested Board 11 it was possible. Am i doing something wrong?   Best regards Dominik
    created by dominikhaas
  • Security Profile Issue

    Of course what i am going to describe is not reproducible so reporting this won't have an effect but I want to describe what I saw (pretty sure of that - things were bit under pressure since it had an effect on produc...
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  • Geomap Centricity

    Open for voting
    16 votes
      It would be great to have an option to change the centrity of the GeoMap. At now it is Europe Centric, it would be nice to have Asia (or Americas) in the middle.
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  • Enrich dataview formatting options to approach IBCS® standards

    Open for voting
    34 votes
    1. What is your idea?   Enrich the dataview's format settings. In particular the block-specific #format settings of a layout.   Currently, the several formatting options I know are : use row templates fo...
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  • Sparklines in DataView (Board 11)

    Open for voting
    5 votes
    It was possible to use Sparklines (Charts) in the DataView screen object. Unfortunately Board 11 lacks this function completely for it is developed and distributed in the web client.   Are you going to implemen...
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  • Using "desaturate Alerts"/Treemaps with alerts and negative Numbers

    About the solution If you are using "Desaturate Alerts" in a DV or a Treemap in Combination with an Alert function you can easily see, that the the color is more desaturated, when the Value is getting smaller. In some...
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  • Allow Standalone licenses to login web client

    Open for voting
    7 votes
    Hi all,   I have worked in the Board Windows client for most of my 'Board' career.. However, everything is moving to the web currently; also developing models.   In the current license setup, it is not pos...
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  • decimals

    Hello,    I am loading a CSV file (utf-8) with 2 decimals to fill a cube. On the reader and its ETL, the decimals appear properly but once the load is done they don't appear in the cube. In this example, th...
  • Aging the time/period

    Hi All,   I'm confused to do an aging of time (that I know Aging use for grouping/mapping about age of sth). This time I'm trying to make Aging for Date. I have Day which is only the Date formate inside so there...
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  • Massive reporting: export looping through entity items

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    A common challenge using Board is to export from Board to other media formats (like pdf, xlsx, pptx, ...) especially when the output must be "one file per each item of an entity". Call it a loop through entity items o...
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  • Dual Install BOARD 10 and 11

    Hi,   I was wondering with BOARD 11 now released - if it's possible to have BOARD 10 and BOARD 11 server installed concurrently on the same machine. We would like to try using the new BOARD 11, but still have cl...
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