• Data Reader locked by administrator

    I receive this popup message when I click on the Data Reader icon in the Database tab. My entities, relationships and cubes icons all work but the Data Reader appears to be locked. Any idea why this happened and how I...
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  • templates

    Hi Community,   I want to ask if there is any prepared design's template for first access and  thanks for the reading and answering.
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  • Improvements 10.5.1/ Board 11.1 Web

    Open for voting
    2 votes
    Hello together, we worked now a lot with the webclient to configure our existing capsules. Following improvements would be great: - shortcut CTRL+Z to undo something - move objects with the arrows of the keyboard ...
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  • What are the situations, during which board shows error " BOARD client is working in faulted state. Please restart BOARD client as soon as possible"

    board was throwing the above error number of times, i was not able to find the reason for that error
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  • Is drill-through limited to only 10 columns?

    Of course, we need 11. Using Board 10.3.0 (prod) & 10.5.0 (dev) and when a drill through is defined ten empty "more" columns are shown and there doesn't seem to be a way to expand this.
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  • Data entry by copy&paste in html Client

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    Within desktop client it´s possible to enter data by "copy & paste" i.e. from excel. In html client this is currently only working for maximum 50 rows and 100 lines. I think copy & paste is used by...
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  • BOARD 11.1 - Dataflow not working

    Dear all,   we are migrating a database from 10.3 to 11.1 but dataflow do not work. We start to check this dataflow Net Sales (A) + Credit Notes (B) = Sales (C)   A and B has these entities: Day, Documen...
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  • Access Denied to DB

    Hi, I am Admin of a clients BOARD DB.  I was amending security levels and adding a new DB Security Profile as requested by the client, and after clicking OK I can no longer access the DB myself.  I made no c...
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  • Can I export an Entity row template?

    Is it possible to export/migrate Entity row templates across Board environments e.g. from Dev to Production?  Or to a replicate entity of the original?  We have a KPI entity consisting of over 1000 diff...
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  • Changing my Y Axis

    Changing my Primary Y Axis. I want to keep the bottom of the axis at 0. I don't want any negative numbers. I also don't want to have the bottom be something higher than zero. For example, I don't want a situation whe...
    created by brian_hammond
  • Keep dynamic selection active on the screen when using a selector

    Open for voting
    5 votes
      Using a cube to dynamically set selection on the screen is a very convenient functionality Dynamic Select. However, these dynamic selections are overwritten when there is a screen selector&...
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  • excel source file

    hello,  can anyone tell me how to upload an excel file into board database. thanks in advance.
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  • Is there a way to get a grand grand total

    Hi guys,   I know there is the algorithm gt() in order to get the grand total of the subsection in a dataview but is there an option to get the overall grand total of the whole table?    I have tried ...
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  • Can I use a selection when extracting a cube?

    Hiya, I'm pretty new to playing around with Board, so forgive me if this is a simple question.   I've got a cube in one database with the dimensions of: Period, Branch, Category, GL and Scenario. I want t...
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  • ¿How publish Board 9.01 versión in WEB?

    Hi, i need publish my capsules en WEB, i know is old versión but i hope can you help me. My version is 9.0.1 !!   Thanks people 
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  • What is the 'Data Entry Simulation' Option?

    Hi,   While looking at the screen properties in BOARD client, I cam across this option: Can anybody enlighten me as to what this does?   Thanks, Stephen
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  • Substitution variables in Nexel formulas

    To make the application more usable for end users, I would like to lookup a rate from a block in the dataview.  It is not a show stopper as I have other ways of achieving the result I need.   Either using a...
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  • Are there guidelines about when to ask a question of the Community and when to file a Help Desk request?

    I'm wondering if these guidelines exist.  
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  • Allow Community members to sort IDEAS based on date added

    5 votes
    It's a simple one, but if enhancements to BOARD are based on ideas and the votes they receive, then allowing users to see the most recent ideas would be a good start.   Currently the only way to sort ideas based...
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  • Procedures don't work

    Hi all   Again a problem with Board 11.. In Board 10.1.4. we had some procedures which calculates a target cube, since updating to Board 11 this procedure don't work anymore like it worked before. You can see ...
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