• Turn off 'Alerts' on down totals/group by

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    Sometimes the 'alert' on a total line doesn't make sense, and sometimes when a Dataview is collapsed and it lists ALL alerts on the 'group by' heading it become unreadable.   It would be handy if we could contro...
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  • bar graph format issue

    I have a graph that I changed the cubes it was using and now i can't get the format of the graph to be correct.  The graph is using the primary and secondary axis.  The primary axis is the bar and the second...
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  • Define space as first character of prefix/postfix - BOARD Web 10.6

    Dear all,   I would kindly ask you how could I insert a space as first character as prefix/postfix (for example ' €') in BOARD Web. Under version 10.5 I would define it as " "€ and it worked but now ...
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  • How to import data with comma into a single column

    Dear All   Would you please advise?   I have received the feedback from Board vendor that Board BI can not import data with comma into a single column. It seems that it is the technical constraint from Bo...
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  • A "used by" feature on cube - Impact analysis

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    In Board, we create lots and lots of cube, some for input, some for technical purpose, some for back office operation. And from time to time, we forget even what purpose it was meant for or if it is still useful! ...
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  • Can we have the ability to adjust the alignment of the Header of the first Column of a report so that it can be aligned with the texts below it?

    Currently we can't change the alignment of the Header of the first column in a typical Board reports. See attached screenshot for illustration.
  • Infinity in single or double precision data types

    The question is simple, is there any "infinity" (and minus infinity) value in the data types used by the numeric InfoCubes? I couldn't find any, but I'm guessing there could be one, as in most floating point arit...
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  • Procedure Process Speed

    I have a process in a Procedure that puts a 1 into a cube where the outlet has data.   This procedure is running very slow and I am trying to make it faster.  I was previously using an if statement to s...
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  • Add sum of remaining values in addition to total

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    When filtering the layout by let's say the top customers, I'd like to know how much am I missing. Right now using "Keep Totals" I can infer the rest of the values. But that is a tedious task, best done in excel.  ...
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  • Copy Date

    Hello,Who could help me to solve the problem that how to copy data like the below case.   How to copy the data of  Feb.18 to be the data of Jan.18 At first, I want to sale 2 bags of product A in 1st ...
    created by yoyony
  • Downtotals without grand total line

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    Hi everyone,   As previously discussed in a forum thread with Gabriele Gallo and Paul Stegmann and in the Board support with Antonio Speca, I found myself several times in a situation where I needed do...
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  • Insert New Row Dataview in Web Version

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    The functionality of "Insert new Row" is very useful and appreciated by clients (especially Bulgari Rome), when the end user need to create from scratch a new planning combination. It would be great to have the same f...
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    hi all,  we are automating some financial statement production Trough Board Add in in Word. and our italian customer asked us some tricky question: 1) is it possible to modify DOWN TOTALS description that usua...
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  • Web interface - Copy of presentations

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    Current situation These days we are training a lot of new users to the web interface of Board, and we're trying to make them use the "Presentation" feature. Very often, they ask how they can modify a presentation th...
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  • Direct Data Entry into a Cube in a DynaWrite

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    I can currently enter data into an RTF cube that is used in a DynaWrite Layout, but this is only possible if I set up a data entry enabled DataView with the RTF cube (see Add Narrative below):      ...
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  • Dynamic Selection on Screen

    Hello everyone,   I have a query regarding multiple dynamic selection on one Screen: I have several charts, KPIs and data sets on one screen. Some of those should have a filter on the currenty Year, some curren...
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  • Nexel in multi database screen

    Hi,   Has anyone used the cross view function on a multi database screen? I have a screen with two layouts from different databases, but I am not able to use the cross view function in Nexel to find data.  ...
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  • Automatic procedures

    Hi everyone,    how can I launch automatically a procedure every day? I have to run, every night, a procedure to make a file extraction (.csv). I can't find any information on the manual (https://www.boardma...
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  • Howto: Embed a report on other sites

    Starting from Board 10.1, Board web reports can be embedded directly in other webpages, such as enterprise portal,  customer portal, intranet portal or other public websites. When you embed a report, it will...
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  • Usage Statistics Dashboard

     Hi Guys   I would like to create a Board dashboard that displays usage statistics for Board dashboards.   At a high level, I would like to know who is using which reports and when, but I would a...
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