• BOARD 11:  Datareader can destroy your relationship

     It was inevitable, all the signs were there.  Whilst my wife was planning ways for us to spend time together, I was planning BOARD 10 to 11 migration processes and regression tests.  Where she wanted t...
    Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
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  • BOARD 11 SQL titles not displayed in procedure step details

    QUERY Has anyone been able to display the SQL data reader details in DB Procedures?     DETAILS In re-writing a dataload procedure, I noticed that SQL data reader details are not shown and require th...
    Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
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  • Navision 2009 Table Structure

    I am working with a client who is using an MS SQL Server table structure in the Navision 2009 format.  They wanted to know if there is someone who has extracted from this type of system and if they could rea...
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  • DB Security - dynamic selection on Cube and Capsule

    Hello,   is it possible to define a security profile that is based on a dynamic selection on cube and capsule level? I would like users to see only certain projects in different capsules. Therefore I created a c...
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  • Data View - Hide Grand Total

    Open for voting
    12 votes
    Add in graphic options of data view the option "hide grand total".   In some cases it could be useful. See the picture attached: this report is by currency / company. here I want to see the total by each curre...
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  • Paste in Place?

    DESIGN QUESTION: I may be asking a VERY basic question here, but it appears the rules for pasting Objects (inc. layouts, buttons, selectors) from one Screen to another are rather... haphazard. Are there any techniques...
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  • Business Valuation

      Businessbox provides the report of Business Valuation that's tailored to you we never use any kind of software for this report, we provide this report from the expert so that anyone can blindly trust on us. ...
    created by businessbox
  • Passing Headers to API

    Hi,   We have an API where the authorisation is handled through the use of headers. Is there a way to pass the values using the REST API settings in BOARD and be able to access this API?   More specif...
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  • Virtual Cubes in Board 11

    Hi All,   After installing the latest Board 11 version; I tested the new feature of Virtual cubes. However, even if I use a very basic dataflow, it does not seem to work as expected.   1. I create a virtu...
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  • Time functions in data flow - BOARD 11

    Hello everyone,   Does anyone else have issues with time functions in data flows with BOARD 11?   I am using "Yearly Moving Total" (often together with a large cycle for balance sheet values) or "Yearly Cu...
    created by dzillmann
  • Exclude based on cube

    Open for voting
    14 votes
    Hello everyone, should it be possible to implement something not only to select based on cube but also to exclude based on cube? In the development of both screens and, mostly, procedures, this could be very helpful...
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  • Add "Inverse" checkbox on "Select entity based on cube"

    Open for voting
    17 votes
    1. What is your idea?    Add "Inverse" checkbox on "Select entity based on cube"   2. What specific problem are you trying to find a solution to, or what new scenario would this idea respond to?   ...
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  • Filter by Column

    Open for voting
    88 votes
    It would really be useful to be able to filter by columns the same way we can filter by criteria on the row. "Show All" works in some cases but not all.   Compounded by the fact that switch row columns is not av...
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  • How do you use multiple CPUs with Board?

    We have very heavy processing  we increase and the use of more Cpu would improve the times, but if we increase in number of CPUS the value of use is divided into lower values without improvements on processing ti...
    created by aferrari
  • Dynamic Header Names

    Open for voting
    36 votes
    It would be great if the headers, mainly for dataviews, could be more dynamic. Variables like previous month, previous year(@Month, @PYMonth, @PreviousMonth) would be great! 
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  • Beautiful Geomaps

    Open for voting
    50 votes
    Overview The existing GeoMap tool works well. It does the job of visualizing data on a map, but it's not beautiful. The flexibility and analytics provided in BOARD with respect to time analytics is great. I think it's...
    Bob Gill
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  • Improve Date format in Export to Excel

    Open for voting
    6 votes
    Dataviews exported to Excel, that contain date cubes, do not behave as 'normal' excel users would expect.  The dates are exported as TEXT, not dates. When an excel filter is added to column headings, the date co...
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  • Questions about MIGRATION BOARD10.5 to BOARD11

    Hello Community, I need some advice before I upgrade. The conversion of the databases has to be done manually, at least in parts. This is described in the release notes.   Extract from the RELASE Notes   ...
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  • 3D Geo Bar Charts

    Open for voting
    1 vote
    Geography is a key dimension in many types of analysis. BOARD has good geomap tools, but they could be improved. I recommend adding a visualization like the following. This allows bar charts to be layered upon a geoma...
    Bob Gill
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  • Capsule Procedure Issue - GETBACK

    Has anyone experienced issues with their capsule procedures in v10.5?  I cannot get any capsule procedure to function that uses GETBACK.  Instead, I get a constantly refreshing screen loop which is difficult...
    Paul Wyatt - Avison Young
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