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Starting from Board 10.1, Board web reports can be embedded directly in other webpages, such as enterprise portal,  customer portal, intranet portal or other public websites. When you embed a report, it will appear as a box on your page that contains the full contents of your report, including charts, tables, and other custom visualizations.
To embed a report, you have to add an iframe tag in your html page.




Who can see my embed?

By default, embeds can be seen by people who have access to the embedded report.
When Anonymous user is enabled, all users can display the report without having to type username and password, all users will inherit the same credentials and profile.
Otherwise it's possible to manage authentication to Board web portal, including the web page a simple java script function:


All users not yet authenticated, you will see a pop-up in order to submit the Board credential.
callback.html is the html file that will be in pop-up.  This file must be visible via web.
The report will be displayed according to the user profile.


Embedded report with parameters

Through url call you can interact dynamically with the iframe, indicating the name of the report. 
With this option you can also pass parameters to the report, simply by appending parameters to the URL.

  • Capsule and screen

- #/screen/Capsule.cpsx?
- screenName=Screen1      


eg: BoardWebPath/#/screen/CapsuleName.cpsx?screenName=Screen


With the Capsule and Screen parameters you can override the server defaults (if specified).
If Capsule is specified but Screen is not, the home screen will be opened.
If Screen is specified but Capsule isn't, this setting is ignored.


  • Select

- selection=EntityName1:value;EntityName2:value


eg: BoardWebPath/#/screen/CapsuleName.cpsx?screenName=Screen&selection=Year:2012,2011;Division:Watches


With this option is possible to apply a selection to the screen. The selection will be combined with the screen selection.
The parameters in the URL must match the exact names of the parameters as they are shown in the entity name.
Selections on different entity are separated by semicolon


  • showMenu

- showMenu=true/false


eg: BoardWebPath/#/screen/CapsuleName.cpsx?screenName=Screen&showMenu=true


With this parameter you can override the server default and show/hide the toolbar. If the toolbar is hidden, the user cannot access to all functions of Board web portal and can only navigate through screens using screen buttons.

All parameters are separated by ampersands.

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