How to install BOARD Office Add-In with command line in unattended mode

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BOARD Office add-ins can be installed with a Command Line using MSIEXEC


To install use the following command line:
msiexec /i B7CResources.msi /qn

Entering Feature Selection using the Command Line:

All feature names declared within the command line parameters are case-sensitive.

It is important to use the proper case when identifying elements to be installed.


The following command is an example used to perform an unattended install of BOARD Office add-ins:
msiexec /i B7CResources.msi /qn ADDLOCAL== "featurename[, featurename, ...]"


The following values should be used in place of featurename of the above example:

To install Excel Add-In only, use ExcelFeature12 or ExcelFeature14...
To install Word Add-In only, use WordFeature12 or WordFeature14...
To install PowerPoint Add-In only, usePowerPointFeature12 or PowerPointFeature14...


Note: 12 or 14 is related to Office version: 12 = 2007, 14 = 2010, 15= 2013, 16=2016

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