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Document created by mik1893 Employee on Jul 13, 2017
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When running the "Verify" integrity check on InfoCube versions, or changing the max item number of an entity in the Entities tab, you might receive the following message:



Let's Pretend you have a cube by month, customer, and product without any sparsity. You set the max item number of customers = 1000, products = 5000.

When you load customer and product items you have 900 customers and 100 products.

BOARD detects that there is a discrepancy between the estimation you made of the customer and product max item number, and the items you really loaded: e.g. you believed the product items were more (max item nr=5000) but really they’re less than the customer items (originally esteemed less).

In such situation, your cube version is highlighted in red. Normally it doesn’t affect any process since it is only a warning!
Any process of data calculation or displaying is not as effective as it could be since the max items numbers don’t reflect the real situation (the max item numbers are essential to determine which algorithm best fits any data process).

It is, anyway, warmly suggested to review the entities max item numbers accordingly and to re-load the data.