How to: Use BOARD SAP Connector through HTTPS

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BOARD SAP Connector offers the capability to enable SAP data extraction via HTTPS
In this article we will describe how to set up the Connector and your environment to use this new feature.

BOARD SAP Connector provides the following server settings:

  • EnableSecureListener: default is no. To enable https set the kind column to individual and the value to yes.
  • SecureListenerPort: default is Port 8197



After changing the settings click on Save which will restart the Connector Server.
Now install the SSL certificate - steps to follow:

  • Obtain an SSL certificate from a certification authority and install it.

  • Be aware that the certificate common name must match the host name exactly.
  • Add a new SSL server certificate binding and corresponding client certificate policies for an IP address and port.

In order to bind a certificate you need to know the certificate hash, the Application ID and the TCP port used.
The command line to bind certificate will look like the following example:

netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=a03ce576ffb24d7b5fb1243423424232423411286600 appid={24324545435345345b-4309-9af9-9caa34234566a}

In Red: the SSL Certificates's Hash
In Blue: the Application ID

Please refer to  for detailed information on certificate binding.

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