How to: Integrate SAP real-time data into BOARD user interface

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SAP real time Integration & Detail View

Using the BOARD Connector, a Webserver and the BOARD Viewer Object gives you the possibility to receive Data in real time from SAP.

You can use this to display additional data, which is not stored in the Database and should be accessible (quite similar to a Drill Through).


To demonstrate this particular of many possible integration scenarios between BOARD Connector and BOARD, let us create a simple project using:

  • Dataview Component
  • Viewer Component



Extractor in BOARD Connector

To get a detail view, you need to create an extraction in the BOARD Connector with all data you want to visualize (or use an existing one). In our example we create a Extraction named kna1_var and we are using a variable (@KNR) for the parameter.



If you click on the “Run” button you can see the extraction as a CSV Stream inside your browser:



It’s also possible to use an where-Statement in the Address line.


BOARD Screen

Using common BOARD techniques and a correctly configured DataView component gives us the following view, containing a table with Customer information.

Now we need to use a Viewer Object to display the data in BOARD. Instead of BOARD Connector adress we’re using a different website, to receive a table instead of the CSV Stream:


Furthermore the Viewer Object got an Layout to get the acual selected Customer code (in this example we are using an Table with Master to select one element, but other ways are also possible):


It is also possible to get more than one loine (for example if you make a detail view with all customers from a certain country), but remember that the bottleneck will be the speed of your SAP System.


Please remember to change the variable BOARDconnectorUrl according to your system dat





Theobald Software, our certified BOARD SAP Connector provider, has shared a Knowledgebase article within their Support section, accessible to everyone, which describes how to integrate in BOARD a "real time" dataview from SAP.


Integrating SAP real-time data into BOARD 

Note that the article is also applicable to the new BOARD Web HTML5 service.

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