How to: Configure the BOARD Cloud On-Premise Connector

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BOARD Cloud Connector is a powerful connectivity service that provides a single, standard data interface to a wide variety of popular SaaS and on-premise (behind the firewall) applications and databases.
Connectivity data service can be configured to access different data sources, from SaaS applications to Cloud based databases and on-premise databases.
All data sources are exposed through a single ODBC interface with a  SQL-based interface.
BOARD can access all data through the standard data reader that will be configured to connect with a standard ODBC Connection.

The optional On-Premise Connector allows BOARD Cloud to securely access data on supported database service inside your local network without opening ports or otherwise re-configuring your firewall, by exposing them in the Cloud Data Connectivity Service.
It supports a wide variety of databases, including:

  • Apache Hive
  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle 
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Progress OpenEdge


  • You must have an Active BOARD CLOUD Instance
  • You must have a valid USERID and PASSWORD to login to the PROGRESS Data Connectivity Service
  • You must have  the PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_INSTALL.exe (ask the BOARD Cloud Support for its provision)


  • Download the PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_CLOUD_INSTALL.exe accordingly with the architecture of the machine designated to be used as On-Premises Data Connectivity Server (32 or 64 bit).You must have a valid USERID and PASSWORD to login to the PROGRESS Data Connectivity Service
  • Follow the Wizard instructions provided in the installer
  • For a full understanding of the step by step process please have a look on the online help.


When the installation is complete the following pop-up window will appear :


Insert USERID and PASSWORD you have been given to Login to the PROGRESS Data Connectivity Service.
Please Save also the CONNECTOR ID string (it will be later requested). Click on Save when done.


Click on the TEST Button ; all the Check Points must be validated. If any failure happens, troubleshooting guidelines are available on the online help.

How to Use

Login to your Active BOARD Cloud Instance with Administration Privileges. Click on the Data Source Menu Icon ; youìre then forwarded to the Data Source Configuration Panel of the PROGRESS Data Connectivity Service. A valid USER ID and PASSWORD to login to the PROGRESS Data Connectivity Service is required.

Click on the New Data Source Button, then selecting Data Store Type you like. Depending from the Data Store Type a different Form may be prompted out. Here below you can find a SQL Server Configuration Form.

Complete the information as required.

  • Enable the "on-premise" Option
  • User ID and Password are NOT the User ID and Password you are using to connect to the PROGRESS Data Connectivity Service but the ones related to the Data Provider (e.g. SQL Server)
  • Copy in the Connector ID text-box the  CONNECTOR ID string you have previously saved.

The new Data Source is ready for use.

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