How to change the Max item Number: suggested approach

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The entity MaxitemNo is used to reference data which is stored in a cube version; it determines how the Pages of Data are phisically stored and influences performances as much as dataflow execution.


Changing the Max Item Number is straightforward if the entity is not "InUse", as in, there isn't any BOARD infocube version structured by that dimension (please refer to the ENTITY design tab in the Database section of the Windows Client)

Applying the Max Item Number change, to an entity which is used at least in one infocube version, requires it to be cleared. This consequently causes the data loss of all the infocube versions structured by that entity.

Clearing the entity is not mandatory if all of the infocube versions where that entity is used are already empty.

You might also want to check this article about deleting entity elements, and its consequences when clearing an entity


A very simple (yet safe) procedure to change the entity Max item Number that does not require you to clear the entity is to:

  • Run an "Extract all cubes" action
  • Clear cubes
  • Change your MaxitemNo
  • Run the "Import all cubes" action


Extract all cubes and Import all cubes are standard BOARD actions that can be defined within a BOARD Procedure
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