Troubleshooting - BOARD Client in Auto Update

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The Auto Update is that feature aligning the BOARD Client to the same version as the BOARD Server without the need of installing the BOARD Client.



When you launch the BOARD Client, you might get two different behaviors:

  • Download Problem: the download bar disappears without messages and the BOARD Client does not open (you might get a Windows error)
  • Extraction Problem: You get one of the following error messages “Cannot move decompressed client” or “Cannot extract the downloaded file”.





Download Problem

In such a case, the AutoUpdate fails because of two potential reasons:

  • The AutoUpdate feature is not enabled on the BOARD Server


  • Port 9710 is not open: this port is used to distribute the Client from the BOARD Server to the client machines: Board Server configuration


Extraction Problem

In this case, many reasons could cause the AutoUpdater to fail. At first, you need to verify all the points below:

  1. Browse to "%AppData%\Board International\Board 7.0": make sure your Windows user and the Administrator have full rights on that folder
  2. Make sure that Windows Explorer is the default app used to open *.zip files
  3. Disable your virus scanner or make sure that is it is not blocking the BOARD update process

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Delete all *.zip files in the folder  "%AppData%\Board International\Board 7.0\Autoupdate2" and any tempVersion folder in "%AppData%\Board International\Board 7.0\Autoupdate2\Clients"
  2. Start the BOARD Client again as Administrator and try the AutoUpdate process
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