Opening a Capsule from a Command Line

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The following article, describes a common approach for deploying BOARD Client applications to non-experienced users.

You might want to have a look at the BOARD Procedure Launcher synthax as well to read how to automatically schedule BOARD procedures or to run BOARD procedures using a command line

To open a Capsule from a command line, run


with the following optional parameters


Specify the host to connect to

/host "server_ip_addr:port" 

Specify a host and port number which are not defined in the list of connections of your Board Client. In this case you specify the logon account either using the switch /sso which uses single sign-on (therefore it will use the Windows current user account) or using the switches /user and /password described hereafter.


Specify the user credentials

/username "myname" /password "mypassword"

Allows to type a given username and password


Specify the capsule to open

/capsule "FolderMyCapsule.cpsx"

To open a capsule located on the server, where Folder is the path starting from BoardCapsules.


Specify a screen to open

/screen "MyScreen"

The "home" screen will be opened by default 


Force the Board Client program to close immediately after triggering a procedure



This parameter can be used only in conjunction with the  /capsule parameter. This parameter must be used only with server side actions.

Examples of commands

BoardWinClient.exe" /host "" /username "admin" /password "admin" /capsule "UpdateProcedure.cpsx" /unattended

BoardWinClient.exe" /host "" /username "admin" /password "admin" /capsule "folder rigger.cpsx" /screen "screen1"


using a command line you can create an icon on a user’s desktop that opens BOARC Client, then automatically connects to the server and opens the specified Capsule.

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