How to: Follow People, Places and Content

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Following People, places and content

Keep track of what's going on in the community with ease by following people, places and content. Following will trigger activity and updates to show up in your Following Stream on the homepage. It's similar to Twitter functionality, in that you are creating a list of activity that is of interest to you for one reason or another.



There are a couple of different ways to follow activity in the community:

  • Hover an item in a news/activity stream and click the Follow button that appears in the pop-up (for people and places only)

  • Go to a user's profile/place in the community/piece of content and click the Follow button (for content this is under the Actions menu in the upper right)


Choosing where to follow activity


By default, anything you choose to follow is placed in your Following stream on the homepage. However you can decide to follow activity in your inbox or in custom streams that you have created for yourself. Be aware that anything you follow in your inbox will generate notifications for every update so ensure your Preferences are up-to-date to prevent a flood of notifications or emails.

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