BOARD Data Picker Functionality

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 Applicable from BOARD 8.1 and later

1   The BOARD Data Picker

1.1     What is the BOARD Data Picker?

Data Picker is a BOARD function available in the Rule Designer, that can be used to retrieve data from a specific cube, applying custom selections. You can think of the data Picker as a similar function of the excel add-in BCUBE.

  • It does not allow drilldown
  • Hardcoded Selections are applicable (Refer to Mode)
  • Additional Selections are applicable as Select, Pager etc





1.2     Version Compatibility

BOARD 8.1.0 and later.


1.3     Syntax

The syntax of the Data Picker is the following:



The selection is optional.

Let us see some SELECT correct examples


In addition, let us see some common mistakes


- No “=” (equal) sign before
- No IF or statements allowed
- No reference to other lines of the RULE


2   Example

2.1     Example Data Model

Let us consider this simple application made of 4 entities

  1. KPI
  2. Currency
  3. Country
  4. Product


And 4 cubes

  1. Price (EUR)
  2. Sales
  3. Exchange Rates
  4. Lock Data-entry


Below an example of the Rule with Data Picker, applied on the KPI entity:



2.2     Example Report

Price (EUR) is taken from the V001 cube, which is detailed by PRODUCT & YEAR, and holds the price of a every product for every given year.

The cube V002 (which is detailed by COUNTRY & CURRENCY) contains the exchange rate of the local currency against the two group currencies (USD/EUR). The 2 KPIs showing the exchange rates, have been populated using the data picker, taking the cube V002 and selecting the 2 currencies.

When a User keys in data in the “Sales LC” row, Board writes the Sales EUR KPI (--> reverse rule) and shows the Sales USD as converted data (using the normal Rule function)[1].


In the attached example, opening the Data Entry Form Screen, you will find a layout containing:

  • Sales cube + Rule Sales + a lock data-entry condition
  • KPI entity by row
  • month by column
  • Product > pager
  • Country > pager


 [1]Please note that we are showing both a Reverse Rule to write [003] Sales EUR and a normal rule to show [002] Sales USD. Both the exchange rates are retrieved using the Data Picker.


Changing the country from the pager, (i.e. from USA to Egypt) will automatically update the two KPIs USD Rate and EUR rate, while the Price (EUR) will remain the same. (being the price related to product, it won’t change)

Changing the product (i.e. from Sponge to Penguin), will update the Price but not the two Rates, instead.


The original cubes for Exchange Rates and Price are entered in the corresponding screen:

-      Exchange Rates

-      Price


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