How to: Work with your inbox

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Your inbox shows all of your interactions in the community. If you, or another person create, respond, share etc in the community then it will be listed in your Boardville inbox. Additionally it will show when you've been tagged in content (called @mentioning), people liking your content (Acclaim) as well items like people following you. Simply select any item in your inbox and it will appear below where you can respond without going to the piece of content itself.



The Inbox has a few options to allow you to filter the information you’re viewing:

  • Unread only: similar to an email inbox you can choose to see only the unread updates only.
  • Mark all read: marks all updates as read
  • Filter by type: @mentions, messages, shares and notifications
  • Filter by participant: type the user’s name to filter out who the update involved



You can also opt out of content you are subscribed to by selecting the Hide new activity link to the bottom right of the above screen shot. This will stop any new notifications on the selected item being delivered to your inbox.

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