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Community Guidelines

Welcome! Here in BOARDVille we encourage you to connect with us and join the conversation, but we ask that you respect the rest of the Community and take note of the following:


Protect Your Personal Information

Remember that your posts in the community will be public and you should not share or post any personal or sensitive information that you would not want to make public or generally available. Please protect your privacy and don't share personal information about you, your family, or others on the BOARDVille Community page.

For example, you should never post your Card number, Social Security Number or other non-public personal information about yourself on any of our social media presences. Remember also that your posts are subject to the website’s privacy and data security practices and policies. Even if you delete a post later, it may have already have been viewed by others.


Respect Others’ Privacy Too

Please do not include any personal information about others that has not been voluntarily made available by them in a public post, or for which you do not have their permission to post, or that could otherwise be viewed as an invasion of their privacy.  


Do Not Include Any False Information

Your posts should not contain any false information. Any comments you make should accurately reflect your personal experiences and beliefs.


Spam, Links and Online Safety

Your posts should never contain any unauthorized and/or unsolicited advertising, spam, hyperlinks or content protected by copyright, trademark or other rights. For your online safety, we strongly encourage you to avoid opening any third party provided hyperlinks posted to our property or the platform you are viewing the post upon unless you trust the source of that post.


Be a good BOARDVille Citizen

We're a very diverse group so you're going to see a variety of experience and knowledge. Remember to be respectful and constructive with your communication to your fellow members.

BOARDVille consists of people from different countries, cultures, and beliefs, with varying levels of BOARD or processes expertise.  Because of this, every BOARDVille Community Member (yes, that includes you), must work hard to ensure all our interactions are centred around supporting one another.

In particular, refrain from posting anything unlawful, libellous, defamatory, obscene, profane, pornographic, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable or injurious to third parties. This will not be tolerated.


What do we mean by this?

Being straightforward, sincere and assuming the best of intentions, despite differences in opinions, are what makes this community successful and are the standards that we should all hold each other to. Keep in mind that each perspective still deserves the same level of courtesy and even well-meaning people can and do make mistakes.  


Our Code:

  • Respect others
  • Assume good faith
  • Share what you know, not what you've heard
  • Be good to new members of the Community. We were all new once
  • Encourage each other; recognize and praise good work and effort
  • Attract and honour good, knowledgeable people
  • Ask for help and help others in return
  • Set a good example


**Personal insults, verbal attacks, and generally disrespectful, offensive, or abusive messages will be edited or deleted by forum moderators. Repeated violations will result in temporary suspension of forum access, eventually leading to being banned from forums. Spam messages will be deleted immediately, and the user account will be disabled in the forums. To report inappropriate behaviour or content, click the "Report Abuse" link.


Be collaborative

Work together! Share knowledge, provide feedback, and help each other out. Answer an unanswered question. Follow categories that interest you and look for topics that could use your expertise. 


Be resourceful

Leverage our resources. Search the community and try to resolve your issue before posting a new question. If you don't find a solution, tell us what you've tried so far. The more trouble shooting you do, the easier it will be for others to help!


Be Courteous

Please treat the community and your fellow participants with respect – even if you disagree with a post or comment. Do not post any content or comments that may be inappropriate, offensive, profane, culturally, racially or socially insensitive, disruptive, harassing or defamatory.


Be aware

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit and/or remove any post containing or linking to material in violation of these Guidelines and disable the membership of any user who violates these Guidelines. While we plan to operate on a three-strike system, we reserve the right to immediately ban a user, based on the severity of the infringement.


Be Proactive

Appreciation and respect is important, and one way for the questioner to show respect is to do most of the work himself. Said differently, sharing any action already taken to resolve the situation or to troubleshoot, is an evidence of respect and this more motivating for any helper to spend time on.

motivation to help is low when there is lack of engagement and effort from the questioner, and even disappears when there's abuse, that is, questioners asking others to do the work they should { do | learn | lookup | research } themselves.


Keep it Relevant

Please keep your comments appropriate and relevant to the conversation. Off topic posts may be moved or removed. 


Your Comments, Others’ Comments

Community participants are responsible for their comments or posts. The opinions, statements and viewpoints expressed by community participants do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BOARD International or constitute an official position of BOARD International. You should rely on these posts at your own risk as BOARD International is not responsible for, and does not validate any opinions, assertions or forward-looking statements expressed in, any user comments.


Ownership and License of the Content You Post

When you post content to our pages, you are giving us a non-exclusive, irrevocable right to reproduce your posts (including any images, sound recordings or other content you supply with that post), together with your name and profile picture (if applicable) for attribution purposes, in any medium, anywhere in the world, for our own business purposes, including for advertising and promotional purposes.  You represent that to the best of your knowledge you own or have the permission to make such posts and grant the above rights to us.  You must never post any content that violates anyone else's rights, including privacy, publicity, intellectual property (e.g., trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret), or other proprietary rights.





This community is provided as a service to users, customers, partners and is not intended for the promotion of outside services, products, websites, or organizations. If you think the community would benefit from hearing about your related product, service, or event, please contact one of our Community administrators. Posts might be moved or deleted, in accordance to our policies, and repeated sales or marketing communications outside of these guidelines may result in termination of your account. Partners, we know our customers are sensitive to marketing so we ask that you refrain from promoting your outside events, webinars, books, and websites outside of your own profile. You can show off your knowledge and experience by answering customer questions and connecting with customers in that manner.


Community Moderators

Several community members will serve as Moderators. The designation allows the community to know which members have been deemed knowledgeable, have provided constructive advice and have set a positive example and tone for the community.  Like any information on the site, the opinions and advice provided by these members are their own. They will have the ability to delete content that is inappropriate, misleading or doesn't follow our guidelines and report any behaviour that violates these guidelines to the community manager.