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Posting questions and answers is a huge part of the Boardville community and understanding these features will help to ensure you and your fellow community members get the right answers to your questions.


Posting questions

Questions in Boardville play a huge part in connecting issues with answers. You can apply helpful and correct responses to questions and this all affects items like listings in search results, popular content tiles etc.


One important item to be aware of is the difference between discussions and questions, and you can learn more about that by reading Content types - What's the difference?. If you have an issue that you would like someone to help you with then please ensure you are asking a question rather than posting a discussion. You will know if you are asking a question if you see this above your entry:



Once posted in the community, you will see your question ready to receive responses:



Responses & correct/helpful answers

Once a question has been posted we now want to receive responses from the community. As we receive a response(s), we can choose to apply the following actions:


  • Like the response
  • Reply in kind (with more questions for example)
  • Mark the response as helpful (if the answer is not exactly correct but is useful to you)
  • Mark the response as correct if it is the response you are looking for


You can mark one response as correct and multiple responses as helpful. All this information tells Boardville this content is viewed as valuable by the community members and means it is promoted in search results, making it easier for users to find.


When viewing a thread that contains an answer marked as correct, you won't need to scroll through the thread looking for the response, as it will be embedded within the original post (OP) for you to see:



In the OP you will also be able to see if the thread has some helpful responses and this gives you an indication of the value in reading additional replies to the OP:



Clicking Helpful will open a small pop-up that links you directly to any helpful replies, meaning there is no scrolling to find the best replies in any given thread.


By taking advantage of these features, we can ensure our community builds a knowledge base of trusted and verified support that will help users in the future who are looking for answers to existing or known queries.


If there are any questions please leave them in the comments below.


Please note that The BOARDVille Community is open to all of our Customers, Patrners and BOARD Employee worldwide. Being it at its early stages, we are asking our fellow BOARDVille Citizens to ask questions, comment and contribute in English only.This is to guarantee a wider audience and a chance for everyone to contribute and help.

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