Question Titles: Best Practices

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It is important that the Title of your Question or Discussion is complete and appropriately describes the topic you're about to ask about. Having a complete title helps BOARDVille community members in reviewing, triaging, and potentially involving other Citizens.  In addition to this, BOARDVille Communtiy Mangers or Moderators may go ahead and update the title of your question/dfiscussion to better match and clarify its topic.


Why is this important to me as a Citizen?

There are two main reasons for having a question title that meets our best practices:

  1. Readability: A clearly defined and detailed title that describes the question with the correct terminology will be easy to scan and read at a glance. This is especially important when referencing to an older question or approaching a question without any past context of the topic.
  2. Search Improvements: Using correct terms and describing the topic will increase the likelihood that the same question (potentially already answered) can be found at a later date if it is being searched for by you, or any other BOARDVille Citizen.



Case title best practices

  • The title should summarize the specific topic of the question and include keywords that define the context better
  • Use the right words for clarity and increased searchability


Examples of case titles

  • Example 1
    • Before: "Rows limit"
    • After: "Is there a limit in the dataviews for number of rows displayed?"
  • Example 2
    • Before: "Favicon"
    • After: "How do I add a custom Favicon?"
  • Example 3
    • Before: "10 Upgrade"
    • After: "How do i upgrade my application to the new BOARD Version B10?"


BOARDVille Community Managers or Moderators may update case titles on the Citizen's behalf

BOARDVille Community Managers or Moderators may go in and update a question title text after the question has already been createdm, if it has been determined that the title can be improved. Out team often will do this to add missing details to the title that may help every other BOARDVIlle Citizen during their search.


BOARDVille Community Managers or Moderators may split an original question into 2 or multiple on the Citizen's behalf

As multiple Citizens will be involved in conversations, it might happen that from an original topic, the conversation deviates on other topics (still linked or similar to the original one). 

For this reason, as well as to streamline search and solutions finding, BOARDVille Community Managers or Moderators may go in and split a question into multiple ones. This will simplify navigation and to guarantee the same topic is followed and discussed in a single thread. 

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