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About the Solution/Project: 

About the solution

I have come across the need to provide a single entry selection to the users, and wanted to create a RADIO BUTTON LIKE dataview.


Solution/Project info

The example attached allows one single value to be selected per row.
1.    Create a dataflow to populate a cube so that every row total is equal to 1 (so for example select the first element of the entity by column and populate all the rows) >> Reset Button
2.    Create a datview that is composed by 2 blocks (the same infocube both in block A and block B)
3.    Hide the second block (Block B) and use it to lock the first block by Row.
   3.1.    Block A should be visible and with Enable data entry + Locked by Row options enabled
   3.2.    Block B should be hidden


Hide the Row Total:
If yuou want to hide the row total, you must create an additional block which is algoritm that simply shows block A.
2.    Enable data entry on the algorithm (block C) and write a reverse algorithm so that it would write back on block A
3.    Disable Row Totals from the algorithm (block C)
4.    HIde block A


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