Sample: BOARD Predictive Analytics Engine (B.E.A.M.)

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The enclosed example shows a possible application of BOARD Predictive Analytics Engine (B.E.A.M.).
The Business Case proposed is applyed in a retail context and describes how to obtain an automatic forecast and assess the future visitors in a store.
Visitors' projections are calculated for the following 12 months in two different scenarios:

  • Basic: Forecast is calculated only based on historical data;
  • With Covariate:  Forecast is calculated based on historical data and a covariate (in this specific example: Average price).


For further information on Predictive Analytics refer to the following link:



- Download the attached zip file
- Extract and copy the .hbmp file in C:\Board\Database
- Extract and copy .cpsx in C:\Board\Capsule



You can run the Sample with BOARD 10.1.3 or later > BOARD 10.1.3

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