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For forecasting solutions, I often see the need to manage which version is current forecast and which the previous forecast. Although there are many ways to do this, here is one approach using relationships. Here we use three entities (Version, Current Forecast, Previous Forecast) to let an administrator control which Version is used as the Current Forecast or Previous Forecast. 



ENTITIES - Here are the contents of the three entities used.

VersionCurrent ForecastPrevious Forecast


RELATIONSHIPS - Here are the relationships between the related entities.

Version --> Current ForecastVersion --> Previous Forecast


Now that we have these entities and relationships setup, we can use a simple screen, like below, to enable an administrator to manage these on an ongoing basis. Since these are relationships, they can be edited inline with a dropdown selection, limiting the appropriate selections.



About the solution

This comes from a forecasting solution for a software company. In a changing business, they need to react quickly to many external factors. Using BOARD, they can quickly collaborate to answer key strategic questions on what to do next. Thank you to Coulton Carrol for sharing this design pattern with me.

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