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About the Solution/Project: 

While learning more about BOARD, I wanted to experiment with the Yahoo Finance API and understand how I can pull public financial data into a model to show a simple stock quote and chart. I wanted to be able to show a quote and chart on a screen, or possibly use the data for KPI calculations. Very quickly, I realized that the Yahoo Finance API is no longer available. It's not a major loss though. There are a number of other providers of free data. Google provides free stock data. I'm sure there are limits to access, but for my purposes it works fine. I also wanted to experiment with loading a HTTP file, rather than using a connector for a web service. Again, the Google service seems to work well with it. The database and capsule file are attached at the end of this document for anyone to investigate and reuse.



This is not intended for production purposes. This is for training and education purposes, but you can reuse any piece of this, if you choose, at your own risk. I did read about other data providers being better than Google's free service. If data quality is a concern, please investigate which provider is the best fit for your needs.



There is a simple screen to show a quote and chart. There is only one data reader that would be scheduled to run nightly. If you would like to get quotes for multiple ticker symbols, just clone the datareader and adjust the querystring to query for a different ticker symbol. There are some spreadsheet functions in use in the ETL screen to handle date formats and hard code the ticker symbol for a particular datareader.


Stock Quote Screen


      ...there are no relationships



Datareader - GetQuote

The datareader looks at a specific URL for the data. This URL returns a CSV formatted file, with headers in the first row. One challenge I had to address was the format of the date from the Google service was not automatically recognized by BOARD as a date. I had to rearrange the date in to YYYYMMDD format to load the data.

Lessons Learned

  • BOARD can accept a variety of web datasources
  • Google is a simple source for stock quotes
  • The ETL screen is very handy for getting around small data conversion challenges


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