How to set manual limits for the BOARD Cockpit Object

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In Standard BOARD is setting the min Value as low limit and the max Value as high limit for the cockpit object:

As Example I’m using the vertical % Function, to show the Percentage of a total Value

As you can easily see, my lowest value (min value) is 9 and my maximum is 67, but from the cockpit this is hardly to see

If you only have 1 Value the needle is pointing to the middle, also it’s 100%

If you want to set minimum and maximum Values manual you can do this very easily using the alert function of the layout


Lower Quartile = (Max Value + 3* Min Value) / 4

Upper Quartile = (3* Max Value + Min Value) / 4


 For our Case, we have only values between 0% and 100%.

According to that, our Min Value is equal to 0 and Max Value is equal to100,

So we get for Lower Quartile = (100 + 3*0) / 4 = 25 and Upper Quartile = (3 * 100 + 0) / 4 = 75

This Values we can use for the alerts of the shown Block:

Which lead to following result:

If only one Element is selected (so it’s value is 100%) we get the expected behaviour


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