How to use one pager e.g. for month inside a multi Database Screen?

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I think each BOARD Developer working with Multi Database Screens once had the idea just having one Pager e.g. for the Time entities.

This because most users aren´t interested choosing the same time slice in two databases.

The little sample shows how it can work for the Month.

In general we have 2 Opportunities for solving the reuqest

1. Working with a ROLAP Cube in both Databases (best case but needs some relational System like MS-SQL)
2. Working with MOLAP Cubes, which is shown in the sample


The process is build up straight forward.


Behind the pager in the attached sample, I inserted a trigger procedure which is selecting the other database for me. In this case using ASCII Datareader.
The mechanism is quite easy. Depending to my pager choice I fill a Temporary Cube for the belonging month.
In the next steps I extract this cube into CSV File and reload into the other Database.
To get it work on your local machine perhaps you have to change the Path used for the ASCII Reader inside the Trigger Procedure.
Hope it helps


Alexander Kappes

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