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About the Solution/Project: 


Last year a prospective customer wanted to see a workflow in BOARD where the response to the step impacted the path that you took in the workflow 


Solution/Project info 

I have attached the simple solution that I built for the demonstration.


Once installed click through from left to right.  You answer Yes/No questions and your response directs you through the flow.  You are unable to skip steps and prior steps are also disabled.  If you choose Yes to Step 1 then you are taken along the top of the flow.  If you choose No to step 1 then you are taken down a more interesting path.  You may choose 'Clear All' to reset at any time.

If you answer 'No' to Step 1 and then 'Yes' to Step 2a, you are then asked to enter some data.  If yo enter a value of 1000 or below you are taken to Screen B, whereas if the value is above 1000 you are taken to Screen A.


Takeaways/ Hints for other community Members:

This capsule and DB makes a lot of use of Label Properties, i.e. Visibility and Enabled, as well as 'Sow Message' in Procedures with conditional branches, based on the answers provided.

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