How To: Fix BOARD Add-in installation issues

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In this article we will discuss about some issues related to Board Office Add-in installation.
The most frequent issues are:
  • The setup program office add-in fails.
  • The export feature is disabled. (gray icon)
The setup program office add-in fails
The setup program doesn′t start and show a message "Office 2007 is not installed".
This error occurred because on the Pc environment, different version of Ms Office are previously installed, typically Office 2003 was installed. 
The Board Add-in setup will verify this registry key:
If the value of this key is different from “Excel.Application.12”, the setup will identify that office 2007 is not installed.
Best practice to fix this is:
1) remove this registry key
2) run the repair of the most updated office 2007 or 2010
3) install the Board Office add-in
The export feature is disabled
The export feature is disabled even if a correct version of Office is installed.
To enable the exports, search in the registry the key  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTExcelApplicationCurVer as shown below:
It can happen in case of existing installations, that this key is not correct. 
The current value of the key could be related to a different office version from the ones below:
Excel.Application.11 (office 2003)
Excel.Application.12 (office 2007)
Excel.Application.14 (office 2010)
Excel.Application.15 (office 2013)
Excel.Application.16 (office 2016)
Correct the register value with one of these to fix it:
Excel.Application.12 (office 2007)
Excel.Application.14 (office 2010)
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