Developing Gantt chart through waterfall Graph type

Document created by malav on Jun 26, 2019
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Hello All,


A project management dashboard required a Gantt chart to display project timeline by Months, In absence of Gantt chart in Board we can use Waterfall type chart to replicate it.


I am using Board version 10.3 and here is how a Gantt chart was created:


1. I Created ATO based pagers which will help users to add new projects and Departments, also a relationship has been set among them so new projects can be related to already added departments:



2. Project Phase, Project Start Date, Project End Date, Assigned (By and To) are data entry enabled cube, and Days is a Calculated Algorithm.

3. Then I added Charts From Chart and Configured the Layout as below:



Make sure to Check - Show All 




3. Switch to water Fall Mode in series Options:



4. And here we have the final Output




We face a limitation when we try to select multiple months,


I behaves like this: 

As we can see, projects name are being repeated in each month, which doesn't make sense, hence we have to use month Filters to work around this one, Any idea to fix this limitation would be amazingly helpful.


Hope this sharing helps our Boardville Community


Thanks and Regards,

Malav shelat