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Since BOARD 10.3 users can chat through the BOARD Web Client, and add some additional information (metadata) about themselves on BOARD.

These data are stored in a SQLite database, unless through a customization the reference is moved to another database.


The content and the customization required to point to a local database are explained in this article.



The database contains information regarding the following points:

  • Chat
  • Users Metadata
  • Broadcasting & Send To



The Chat has been introduced to let users communicate between each other and share presentations through BOARD. Reference about this functionality can be found on the BOARD Manual: Chat.

The tables containing all Chat information are the following:

  • ChatDefinitions: it contains the ID of the chat or group and last update time
  • MessageDefinitions: it contains the content of a chat including message and sender, with the ID of a presentation if shared
  • UserParticipateOnChats: It contains the information of the last UTC date and chat ID in which a user took part



Users Metadata

Users Metadata have been introduced to enrich a user profile with additional information. It comes with a default set of parameters that a user can enter, but it is open to customization as explained on the BOARD Manual: Users Metadata.

The tables containing Users Metadata are the following:

  • UserDefinitions: it contains the username and the values filled by the user for the default metadata information
  • UserMetadataDefinitions: it contains the definition of any new metadata introduced with a customization
  • UserMetadataTranslationDefinitions: it contains the translation of the metadata if any have been introduced


Broadcasting &Send To

With BOARD 10.5 the Broadcasting functionality has been introduced on the Web to let users send emails through BOARD with presentations as attachments. Details about it can be found on the BOARD Manual: Board 10.5 Broadcasting.

The information about the Broadcasting are saved within the following tables:

  • ScheduledReportingActions: details of any Broadcasting / Send To configuration with Task ID, Task Name, Message Body, Presentation ID, Last Execution Date, etc.
  • BoardRecipients: list of every Board recipient of a Task ID



NOTE: all dates are saved in UTC format to be consistent. They can be converted to a common date format here:  




If you wish to attach a local database to the BOARD Chat & Users Metadata database, you would need to follow these steps:

1) Stop the Board Web Api Engine or the IIS site (according to the solution you are using to publish on the Web)

2) Edit the file connectionStrings.config in C:\Program Files (x86)\Board\Board WebApi Server\App_Data\config  to make it pointing to your local SQL Server or SQLite Server. The file must be filled like in the below example:

<add name="BOARDWebDBConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=myServer;Initial Catalog=myDatabase;Integrated Security=False;User ID=mySQLuser;Password=mySQLPassword" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />




ParameterAccepted Values
Data SourceAddress of the server with the database
User IDSQL user with administration rights to create databases
PasswordPassword of the SQL user
  • System.Data.SqlClient for connections to SQL Server
  • System.Data.SQLite for connections to SQLite
Initial CatalogName of database: do not create it yourself. Let BOARD create it for you.



3) Start the Board Web Api Engine

4) At first login, the database will be created in your local instance: from this point on you can populate tables, especially Users Metadata, with data coming from other sources and make use of it from BOARD

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