Home Screen choice straight through to capsule -Web

Idea created by jpmarcer on Feb 8, 2018
    Open for voting

    In respect to web. (I am aware this is possible on the standard client)

    There are particular user communities that don't need to navigate through favourites, folders, capsules to complete or see their task, examples are users who return to the same information and indeed that might be their sole use. As we grow BOARD in an organisation these communities needs point to a simplified straight log and land on a capsule page. By all means the options to navigate elsewhere.  Examples might be the deployment of

    - a whole of business scorecard to a passive read ship community

    - a single page sales dashboard for a mobile sales team

    - an operational, shop floor, factory or field worker who needs to simply record or monitor

    even several clicks can put these audiences off

    This maybe possible, in which case this idea is a request to learn more