Service Windows / Maintenance

Idea created by ascazzosi Employee on Feb 9, 2018

    During the lifecycle of one BOARD project, we may experience the need to execute critical actions on database structure that require the exclusive access.
    This means we have to be sure that Users cannot access to the system and/or execute any kind of actions, especially run procedures, data entry, ...

    This becomes more critical if the application has been already released in production.

    In such situations, the best practises suggest to develop the required changes in Test environment then move them into Production.

    Nevertheless this procedure doesn't take into account the necessity for hot fixes: critical but very fast actions like adding a cube or an entity, change a relation, reload some data and so on.


    What could be useful is a feature that avoid the users to connect to the system or, if they are already connected, to execute any action.
    A kind of "maintenance status" of the system, during what Users are frozen.

    Any time they try to interact with the application, an alert message can appear, warning the system is under maintenance.