Cube Title as a Combobox

Idea created by Bob Gill on Feb 14, 2018
    Open for voting
    • heheimann
    • dzillmann
    • Bob Gill

    When I view the structure and versions of a cube, the text box can be changed to change the name of the cube. This is helpful when setting up new cubes, but doesn’t facilitate reviewing multiple cubes quickly. I would like to see a selection arrow at the right end of the text box that allows a user to select a different cube. By selecting a different cube, the structure and versions of that cube are displayed on the current screen. 


    As a use case, imagine I recently added a new summary level to my Account tree. I now want to add cube versions at that entity level for each relevant cube. This quick select option would allow me to quickly review each cube and add a version, more quickly than having to go back to the cubes screen and select the next cube. 


    This is a minor refinement that I think would speed up some development tasks.