Web GUI for Server Config and Adula Params

Idea created by fabfro Employee on Mar 1, 2018
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    Hi All,


    We have the following situation:

    You can edit the functions od BOARD and board server via the serverconfig GUI, via boardengine.exe.config (XML), via server_config_v2.xml (XML) and via adulaparams.xml (XML).


    The current situation brings some challenges:

    1. There is no GUI for BoardEngine.exe.config and AdulaParams.xml.
    2. There are no hints or explanations for BoardEngine.exe.config and AdulaParams.xml.
    3. For editing you always have to be logged in to the Server, where BOARD Server is running.
    4. For cloud applications you have to edit these setting via email to BOARD Cloud Support (thank you for that!)


    The advantages you will get by using a Web GUI for the configurations are:

    1. Remote access for administrators
    2. Compatibility for cloud applications
    3. More clarity for the editors