End user Error Message Visibility for Administrator

Idea created by bbroughton on Mar 19, 2018
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    The Idea.

    To give Admin visibility of the individual error messages that can appear on the end-users screen (bottom right corner in client), this could be via a simple log file recording the time of message, the message, and the end user.



    We have solutions developed for clients and at times they get an error message which we don't know about, and they possibly aren't aware of at the time.

    Sometimes they are important sometime they are not, but when trying to pinpoint an issue and what caused it we have to rely on the client to take a screen shot of the message and email it through.  With the pop-up/hover nature of the message it is not very friendly for the user to take a screen shot, and often they clear the error before taking a screen shot (particularly if re-running the procedure resolves the issue).  It is then very difficult to determine what the issue was and if it is a procedure or end-user issue.


    Current process.

    We rely on the client/end-user taking a screen shot and advising us, which is not fool proof, particularly if they don't see any issues on the screen.  If they don't take one we then rely on them remembering to take one the next time it appears.