Integrate drill through results in reports

Idea created by raym on Mar 21, 2018
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    • raym
    • Bob Gill
    • sebastiangurt

    Hi all,

    I want to use drill through results in dataviews and charts. If I'm not mistaken the drill through only opens a table with the results from the query.


    The idea is to integrate relational elements with the board elements as if they were the same. That way I can have a quick analysing tool with a small DB footprint and still use all the details in nice looking reports.


    Used in a dataview the drill through would show the results filtered according to a master layout. Same goes for charts. The data in the charts would depend on the selection of a master layout.


    A workaround for that would be to use a viewer component and in the viewer component use a different report engine (e.g. SSRS) that would show a parameterised report. But that involves some programming and yet another tool.