Board Demo Zone

Idea created by alberto on Apr 10, 2018
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    I want to recommend a New Board Demo Zone with the following characteristics:

    1. It is CloudBased. It means it it located on BoardCloud. It means that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime! 
    2. It is an environment where you can demo "Any" Vertical Market (Example: Fashion Retail) or Any Vertical Function (Example: FCC.4.0).
    3. You can demo using any device: PC, iPad, etc.
    4. It is multilingual. You select the desired language.
    5. It contains the environment for each demo (DB an Capsules).
    6. It has a collaboration tool. Yo can demo to several participants (dispersed geographically) in the same session. The participants can express ideas.  
    7. It contains in a repository, al the marketing and supporting materials for download or for consultation online. You can review the customers on each industry. You can review the scope of the solution. It has a video library. 
    8. It has training material to learn how to use the demos.
    9. It is updated. As new features and versions come available, the demos are updated to show the latest.  


    The benefits of the New Board Demo Zone are enormous:

    • No more rocks on the road! Everything you need for a demo in 1 place. No need to have your own resources.
    • Available 24x7, in any language! Reduce or eliminate the time to prepare for a demo. Therefore, you can increase you annual demos.
    • The latest features and versions in a showcase.
    • The total cost for supporting demos for Board Supporting Personnel will decrease.
    • The total cost of supporting demos for salesmen, partners, etc. will decreases as well.
    • The quality of the demos can improve for customers and prospects.