Embedded numeric data in text,using MS Word Add-In

Idea created by phil Employee on Apr 11, 2018

    It would be useful if it was possible to embed a numeric value into a piece of text in MS Word, where the value is based on a Layout.  So for example in the screen shot below I have connected to BOARD, clicked on the £23.5k and now would like to click on the Edit icon in order to work on the Layout that has resulted in the £23.5k being displayed.  The same would of course be possible for any other numbers present (should I choose).

    It is important that the object creating the value moves with the text and is also able to be perfectly in line with the text.  I would also need a new icon in the toolbar for this object.

    This is something I get asked for fairly regularly.

    A possible addition to this would be to have the same ability within a Dynawrite, but let's leave that for another day...