Chart object: allow alerting (colour) based on an another block

Idea created by rubicon on Apr 12, 2018
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    1. What is the idea?

    It is to allow for the Chart object (both in Windows and web Client if possible) the same option as the already available option in a dataview.

    (Layout > Data > block x > Alert > option "use another block as value")

    To my mind, there is no such options for charts currently (version 10.1.4)


    2. What specific problem should be solved?


    This option would allow to colour differently a layout's data block depending on an alert calculated in another block of the same layout.

    I draw a small example:

    • block a: current year performance
    • block b: previous year performance
    • block c: (a-b)/b%
    • block d: threshold cube

    In this graph I compare the current performance of 4 production sites against the previous year and I want to place emphasis on the Sites having a huge gap between both years, using a threshold.

    If the Gap% of a Site is above the threshold, then I would like to colour the relevant bars in orange, i.e. only for the block a "current" and the concerned Site.

    So in this example, Site 1 and 2 should keep the default green colour, and Site 3 and 4 get a new "alert" colour, e.g. orange here.

    Currently, I cannot set a colour for this specific bars, and cannot indicate to the user using a dedicated colour that Site 3 and 4 need accurate attention.


    If the option would be available in a graph's layout, I would create a block e with the algorithm if(c>d,1,0) and set the alert colour accordingly, and set for block a the alert option Use another block as value:e.


    3. What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?

    I don't know any workaround for this.


    4. Miscellaneous

    This idea has been suggested with less details here.