Breakpoint & Procedure Debugger

Idea created by fabio.giordano on Apr 23, 2018
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    Hi everybody,


    I'd like to share an idea for an improvement which will be helpful for Board consultants and developers. When we try to debug a procedure, looking for issues or investigating unexpected behaviour, we usually place breakpoint in critical steps in order to evaluate the results of dataflows, active selections, call procedures etc.

    Unfortunately when the procedure is launched the debug windows does not open on the specific step where the breakpoint is placed. Instead the developer must scroll manually the windows from the top, looking for the highlighted step of the procedure to debug.
    This is an inconvenient behaviour of Board, expecially when a procedure has many steps and the debugging process requires multiple breakpoints and continuous launch of the procedure.
    My wish is that Board automatically detects the breakpoint placed and opens the debugging windows with the view on the desired step to debug every time the procedure is launched.

    This would be extremely helpful in saving time and making the debbugging process easier and smoother.


    Thank you for your consideration.


    Fabio Giordano