Provide several security / DB profiles per user

Idea created by ecausse on Apr 25, 2018
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    See Improving security management through easier maintenance of profiles 



    In a newly integrated company we have a specific organization when the same team is responsible for both a worldwide perimeter on a product category, and a country perimeter for all products.

    They want all the team to have access to the data of both perimeters. Of course I cannot give them the full access.



    We're currently suggesting that they exchange Excel reports extracted from the tool with both perimeters extracted separately but as you can imagine this is catastrophic for efficiency.
    Some requested that we create two accounts for each of them but this is bad for security and of course more costly in terms of licences.



    It would be very helpful if we could assign two or three DB profiles to a single user or to a single security profile.

    An alternative would be to assign several security profiles to a single user.

    The idea would be that the user, when logging into the app, has a choice of profiles before opening any app or report.

    After he chooses the profile in the list, everything happens as if he had only one.