Enterprise Ready - Active Directory Check vor AD-Users from AD Groups

Idea created by mfunk1986 on Apr 26, 2018
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    Hi guys,


    in big organisations I often have the issue, that the whole user Management is done via Active Directory.


    It's great how to easily add users to BOARD via a Windows AD Group. But as time goes on, People Switch the Departments, and also move on in the AD-Groups.


    I know it might be an issue to "just" delete the users, which aren't in their "initial ad Group" anymore, but maybe this would be possible, I even designed you an UI:  :-)




    So my idea is:

    Please add a button in the BOARD Security to check, if all users, which are added via a Windows AD Group are still in the AD Group (or if the AD-Group exists anymore).


    If not, there could be a warning sign and the possibility to set the user to inactive or deleting him.


    Further Background: For most IT-Departments, specially in Banks) an AD-Integration also includes the removal (or blocking) when an ad-Group is removed. It would help in future opportunities.


    Please vote if you like.