Extract geographic coordinates from map chart

Idea created by Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK on May 1, 2018
    Open for voting


    I would like to suggest that the ability to capture the latitude and longitude position of the mouse pointer be incorporated into the MAP chart object.  The pointer position is already displayed dynamically in the bottom left hand corner of a map chart but as an Easting and Northing coordinate and is not available for the analyst to exploit.


    Were it possible to extract the coordinates of the mouse pointer, it would be possible to calculate distances to known points relative to the given coordinates.  Such a facility would allow for 'Radius Around a Point On a Map' (RAPOM) processes to be created which might, for example, identify a number of client properties within a given radius.  Such a feature would be very useful and a very powerful feature of BOARD.  



    The process could work as follows:


    1.   The user moves mouse over a configured MAP chart.

    2.   On right click, an option to COPY the latitude and Longitude is presented.

    3.   Coordinates can now be pasted into a pre-configured dataview with data-entry enabled.

    4.   Once pasted, coordinates can be used in calculations with other lat/long attributed objects.



    I would like to encourage other community members to see the value of this idea and vote on it.  We at GVA already have a proof of concept which takes a fixed lat-long and calculates the distance of all properties from it in miles and kilometres, observing geodetic requirements.  A second input allows those properties within the 'range' to then be plotted on the map chart. We now need the interactive and dynamic ability to extract the lat-long coordinates.


    I think this would be a very worthy inclusion, especially as the data is actually already there - we can see it every time we use a map chart - I'm just asking for a mechanism to extract it.  We already have the process to use it.


    Thank you all for your consideration.