Understand numbers with special characters

Idea created by Bob Gill on May 3, 2018
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    • heheimann
    • Bob Gill
    • ascazzosi


    When loading data through ASCII data readers, I have run into challenges with special characters in numeric fields not loading. Dollar signs and commas are the most frequent. BOARD does not understand that $12,345.67 is a number. I have to add string manipulation steps in ETL to parse out the dollar sign and comma. I’m sure there are other international special characters that would have the same challenges. If BOARD could natively understand this as a number, the data reader would be faster to develop and run. 



    For ASCII datareaders, regional formats of numeric values will be understood as valid numeric values without needing additional ETL string manipulation. 



    - Data reader performance will improve 

    - Data errors will be reduced 

    - Developement time will be reduced