Chart display labels

Idea created by Employee on May 30, 2018
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    I recently came accross a problem where I had data points at a very granuar level in time, i,e, minutes, in general I was recording four data points per day for a person, it was clinical data where it was patient blood suger readings, we wanted to create a chart for a two week period and a three month period so that we could see if the readings went above or below a threshold as below

    The problem is the lengthy descriptions that take up a lot of space, it is only necessary to show a label description every 3 or 4 days which can be easily controlled with the label interval setting, the time stamp is also not required, just the day that the reading took place. I updated the entity description removing the time stamp and just kept the date so for example if there were four readings in a day there would be four distinct codes but with they all had the same description. Then in the layout i changed the row display value to be Desc. This gave me the following result.


    This is because the data is now aggregating on the description and not using the underlying code anymore. What would be great in many situations, (for example it is common for an entitity to have multiple descriptions, Long description, short description, etc) to have a setting in the data view where the chart can use the code for plotting but display the description, or some othe entity value.  This functionality has been available in other tools I have used.