HTML5: Copy & paste for objects and data layouts

Idea created by on May 31, 2018

    Hi All,


    during the BoardVille-Conference in Baveno, we were shown tons of cool new features and also major technical improvements. I am pretty excited and very much looking forward to get rolling with the new versions.


    That said, there was one thing which my colleagues and I use very often that I couldn't see in the HTML5-Designer: The possibility to copy and paste whole objects or data layouts. Nobody I talked to wanted promise that this functionality would be included in the upcoming versions. If it is, perfect! If not, here are some arguments why it should be implemented:


    Why do we need copy & paste?

    It is quite common to have a dataview accompanied by a chart with the same data or to have several dataviews displaying the same data with different axes (for example to make use of the "master" functionality). If we had to create every object with all its cubes and algorithms from scratch, the time needed for a screen-design in the Win-Client would be multiplied in HTML5 by the number of objects.

    For other objects like selectors, labels, buttons etc. the main benefit would be to have the same size, format and so on, without the need to configure each one individually - thus again saving a lot of time.


    Please feel free to comment, if you have more in-depth knowledge of the next versions or want to add your thoughts to this idea. And don't forget to vote up, if this functionality is important to you as well.


    Thanks & Kind regards,