Idea created by danieledilorenzo on Jun 27, 2018
    Open for voting

    Hi community

    I've identified some areas that in my opinion could be slighly improved to make development more efficient. here they are:


    1. When a new ascii data reader is being created, the dafult path is always C:\Board\... even if the default server path is e.g. D:\Board...It would be nice if the sugegsted path in data readers is aligned with server settings


    2. In the procedures extract action of cubes/entities the default format is .txt and option "Tab Delimited" is unflagged. When a cube or an entity is extracted manually the default is .csv and Tab delimited.
    It would be nice that default is CSV + Tab delimited in procedure action also.
    Infact linking a CSV file in a newly created data read all settings about file format and fields references are automatically filled.


    3. "Do not fix relationships" in procedure normalize action should be flagged as default in my opinion.