Insert New Member Trigger in ATO

Idea created by msisternas Employee on Jul 10, 2018
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    It is sometimes needed that when you create a new element (a version for versioning for example) in an ATO a procedure is started, however triggers can only take place when we change the element inside and not when we create a new one.


    In the example from versioning maybe we want to create a new element with an ATO and copy data from an initial version (or any other), or trigger an initialization for it directly. Currently this means creating the element in the ATO and having an extra element for the procedure since procedures only take place when we change the element in the ATO and not when a new element is created.


    Procedures in general when creating an element could also be useful in general, for new product creation for example a procedure could be done to move the data from another element to this new one in case of cannibalization elements.